Welcome to our Example Page For Custom Wedding Albums...
Let us do the work for you when it comes to designing the layouts and showing off your fairy tale wedding in cherished albums. 

All handmade albums are archival and acid free. Actual photographs are used as one solid sheet, then hot pressed on board giving a firm page. All albums are bound to lay completely flat when open. Books are fully custom made to order which contain 24 pages, 12 physical pages and in your chosen leather color. Extras include; A Cameo Window with Photo, Crystal Cover with Photo, Printed Cover & Spine Text, Page Edge Gilding, and Extra Physical Pages.

Crystal Cover with Genuine Leather ... Shown Above 
Hard Bound, Lay Flat Photography Books, Custom made in various leathers.
Can include an interior message inside album's first and last page. Please request if you want type font to be of a print or cursive in style, see below for examples. Various Leather colors. * These colors are limited and may sell out in a shade, always select two possible color choices when ordering.

Add a Cameo Window with Chosen Cover Photo... $20

Extra Pages Option .... $20 per Physical Page.
( 2 sides given ) 
Max of 12 extra physical pages - 24 pages.

All albums automatically come with 24 page sides, 12 physical pages. Book pages are sturdy and firm, unlike regular pages in a book. Photos are printed in a lustre finish which reduces the appearance of finger prints.
Interior Layouts are custom created to photographer's design. Showing only the favorite photos of your special day. Interior layouts vary to give appeal.

Gilding Page Edge Option... 
In Black, Silver or Gold. - Please add $15 for cover printing.

Cover & Spine Fonts - Please add $20
( Can be in any color ) Fonts for Covers are as follows...
These fonts can be used inside the album too.

Interior Fonts...
For messages & name/date logo creation.

( Give Three choice options please, so that we can design the best look.)
These are additional fonts that the binder does not have therefore they can not be printed on the leather. 
Cover fonts can be used inside the album as well. There is no charge to include messages inside the pages of your album. 

What color do you want your cover font to be? Do you have Bridal Party colors to match?
Please use PANTONE COLORS when requested particular colors for Printing.

Click this link to choose yours! 


Exact images that will be used within the book will be requested by photographer and must be submitted by client. Depending on layout, image quantity will vary slightly. Interior and exterior messages must be provided and spell checked by client prior submission. All text will be used exactly as it is given. Layout of photographs is chosen by the photographer to create the best flow of the book. Books are non-refundable once ordered. Prior to printing, book's cover and interior pages will be shown as online proofs. Review and design approval is required before the book binders create the album.

Please contact us if a customized album is desired. Your product credit given in Wedding Packages can be used.
Thank you! ~
Cher Charest Photography, LLC