Newborn Portrait Sessions ~
In the Portrait Studio or Your Home... 

Little Sunshine - $250
* 45 Minute Session  
* 15 Large Digitals  

* Unlimited Poses & Looks

Over The Moon - $300
* 60 Minute Session  
* 22 Large Digitals  

* Unlimited Poses & Looks

Our Universe - $350
* 60 Minute Session  
* 45 Large Digitals  

* Family Included.
* Unlimited Poses & Looks

Pure Joy - $550
* 90 Minute Session  
* 70 Large Digitals 

* Family Included.
* Unlimited Poses & Looks

True Blessings - $750
* 120 Minute Session  
* 100 Large Digitals  

* Family Included.
* Unlimited Poses & Looks

In-Home “Life” Session - $400
* 60 Minute Session in your Home.  
* 50 Large Digitals 

* In your Home, focus on baby and nursery.
* Family Included.
* Unlimited Poses & Looks
* A Basket & Swaddles are provided.

Day in the Life Session - $1000
For Newborns, Toddlers & Family -
* 4 Hours of photo journalism in your home.  
* 200 Large Digitals  

* Unlimited Poses & Looks


In the studio, Cher Charest Photography has any color swaddle wrap you can imagine!
Matching tutu's, faux furs, ribbons and bows, mommie & me flower crowns, bow ties for boys, caps, overalls, handmade knits, as well as many other fun little props to make your baby's photos unique and special.

Home Session? Props can be brought for your newborn's session. Please request colors wanted in advance.

Newborn Portrait Packages - 
For babies that are 0 -2 months old. Family can be included in any newborn sessions as noted. Children older than two months please use the Timeless Portrait Packages. There isn't much of a difference, but in newborn sessions more detailed up close images are taken so that those tiny toes can be remembered. You may always add extra digitals and products to any package. In Studio or On Location unless mentioned otherwise.

All Newborn Packages Include:

   * Time and talent of One Photographer
   * Digital Images in Color
   * Private Online Gallery: Password Protected
   * A Full Proofing Gallery
   * 2 Month Hosting of chosen Images.
   * Print Release for Personal Use & Printing
   * Professional Printing Services
   * Digital Download of provided Images to any devise.

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers

  • How can you order an In-Hospital Newborn Photography Session?

Call or email. We would like to discuss your exact needs prior to placing an order. Please always check with your medical staff if it is safe for the baby to be photographed before scheduling.


  • What is brought for your Baby's In-Hospital Session?

A clean basket, small assortment of clean swaddle blankets in neutral, pink and blue, as well as various colored ribbon, and of course cameras. Everything that is used next to the baby's skin has been pre-washed in baby laundry soap. Happy to use your personal baby items in pictures. Safety and cleanliness is the main concern when using props and handling your infant. Please discuss any prop preferences prior to service.


  • When do clients get their photos?

Your online gallery of photos is up typically within the same day - two to three at very most.  


  • Can I order lab quality Prints or Birth Announcements directly from my gallery?

Yes! Prints and announcements are an additional charge to the session. Custom 5x7 Birth Announcements & Holiday Cards with Envelopes Begin at $59.95 for a set of 25. When ordering, you order them directly with the printer through our website. Our system is very convenient and prints are excellent Kodak quality and come in many finishes. Large assortment of products are offered. Prints begin at $3. Anyone you give gallery access to can see pictures and order for themselves and for you!

  • Who can be in our photographs during the photography session?

Anyone you want photographed! The main star is the baby so every photo will include that star! The baby will have "portraits" taken in the basket. Various poses will be done including details of hands and toes. At no time will the baby be put in unsafe poses or positions. Parent's hands, wedding rings, stuffed animals and other safe props can be used next to the baby to help personalize the session. The "Our Universe" package automatically includes family. It is preferred to keep the newborn sessions about the baby, but of course you can be in them!


  • Do parents have to be included in the pictures?

No. The photography session can be just about the baby. Mom OR Dad is requested to stay present during the session at all times.


  • Can we Photograph NICU babies?

Yes only with nurse and doctor approval. Typically, they will tell you when the baby is scheduled to be discharged and when it is safe for the baby to be photographed. This type of photography session would be in a spare boarding room at the hospital or in the presence of NICU, whichever the NICU nurses prefer. Even if the baby is weeks or months old, we are happy to still provide the same service for your baby that is in the hospital.


  • How long do the photography sessions take?

Sessions are priced by quantity of digitals given. More digitals wanted, the more time spent to achieve those photographs. Mini sessions are 20 minutes long.


  • What time will the session take place?

This is a mutual discussion made during scheduling for your needs and our availability. We do our best to work within your desired time frame. Daylight is always the best time for baby pictures. Natural light is ideal for newborn photography with gentle studio cool lights to fill in shadows. If a flash is needed, it is bounced and not used directly.  


  • Is there an extra charge for twins or triplets?

Not at all. We suggest the larger packages since babies will be photographed separate and also together. It will take a lot of pictures to achieve all of those looks. Two or three babies from one birth can split the session. 


  • How often are In-Hospital Sessions Available?

Happy to do an in-hospital session whenever requested and available. Last year more than 400 babies were photographed by Cher Charest under this business as well as several other photography companies as an independent contractor that service babies and families. Photographer is up to date within hospital regulations for all necessary vaccines and flu shots as well. Properly trained on how to handle newborns and safe posing. Hospital gloves are always worn when handling babies unless parents do not want gloves to be used. In studio a changing table is provided along with baby wipes.

What IfWhat If

  • The baby crys during the session?

Babys cry! -But a sound machine is used during the session to help sooth. Same with a pacifier if you allow, and the heat will be turned up to make sure the baby stays warm and happy. 


  • If the baby is hungry?

Please feed the baby! We can still do pictures. The studio is private and the photographer can always step out.


  • If the baby gets a circumcision?

Always ask your Medical professional if it is still okay to do pictures. Usually not a problem a few hours after the procedure. The baby would not be positioned on the belly and only photographed on the side or from above. 


  • If Baby has an IV in it's hand or head?

It's your choice if you would like to wait until that is removed and we can do the photos afterwards at the hospital. If you want the first 48 captured regardless, the baby's arm can be wrapped so that the IV isn't seen in photos or the baby can wear a hat. Many babies have been photographed this way and it is very hard to see any difference in photographs. Can't repeat this enough, but please always ask your Medical professional if it is safe for the baby to have a photography session. 

Scheduling Your In Hospital SessionScheduling Your In Hospital Session

  • Ordering in Advance is Best.

Letting us know your due date so that we can be better prepared is ideal. After ordering, simply call and tell us "The Baby is Here!" and we can schedule the preferred day and time for photos.  Telling us the due date helps us with scheduling and expectations. If your baby was just born and you would like the service please call immediately so that we can schedule your session. 

  • When scheduling for In-Hospital - please provide all of the information needed.
    • Hospital Name & Address.
    • Mother's Full Name, Floor Number & Room Number.
    • A Cel Number to contact the Mother at the hospital.
    • Day & Time preferred for photo session.
      ( We try and give you the time wanted but may only have mornings open due to other sessions. )
    • Besides the baby, how many people do you plan to have photographed?

  • Our Payment Process. ~ Reservation Deposit Required when Scheduling.
  • After scheduling, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment.
  • A reservation deposit of $50 is required when scheduling any in hospital session.
  • Remaining balance is due in full at the session or can be paid in full when scheduling your baby's session. 
  • Click onto the email and use any major credit card to complete the order.
  • Your deposit payment ensures the order and session time that was scheduled.
  • Credit cards are never taken over the phone.  Cash is excepted in person. No checks please.

If for any reason the doctor or nurse request that the pictures are done later due to medical reasons. We can reschedule for a later date and time in hospital with schedule permitting. Please give an immediate notice if this occurs so that we can properly reschedule. If for any reason a hospital session can't be done then one can be down at your home or in our private portrait studio.


  • Please know that a Photographer's Model Release Consent Form must be filled out on behalf of you and your family so that your family can be photographed.  If a consent form is refused then photos can not be taken. Model release form will be given in person at the time of the session to ensure the correct family is giving permission to photographs. If you have any questions regarding the standard model release, the form can be emailed to you in advance, please just ask. :)
  • Mi Sales tax is required and not included with in prices.
  • All digitals are lightly edited for composition, exposure, and color.
  • The photographer selects the best photos from your In Hospital session unless requested otherwise.
  • Prices are for the Metro Detroit area. All sessions over $250 have no travel fees in Metro Detroit. 
    Please see our travel map if needed.

Call 248.882.4247 OR Email Now to Order a Newborn Photography Session.

Thank you for reviewing the Newborn & In-Hospital Photography Session Packages & Congratulations your New Bundle of Joy! 
Hope to see your smiles soon! ~ Cher Charest Photography.

Photographer’s Disclosure:
* To reduce distraction and uphold quality, please no photos taken other than the photographers during the session.
* All photographs taken are copy written under Cher Charest Photography, LLC.
* Chosen digitals are given a print release with use rights for clients personal use.
* Please know due to choking hazzards and liability, photographer does NOT supply balloons. ( You are free to bring them. )
* All children and babies must remain in the presence of a parent or guardian while at the portrait studio or on location.
* All deposits are non-refundable. Sessions can be rescheduled in case of serious weather.

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