Enhanced Retouching Service - 
This service is a must when using portraits professionally or for anything that you want to look your very best in. Whether it is for Senior pictures, wedding albums, an enlarged print or canvas for your wall. All of those minor little flaws will be seen when images become enlarged.

What does it do?
Our Enhanced Retouching service removes blemishes, softens laugh lines, lightens under eye, whitens and brightens eyes and teeth, tames hair frizzys plus helps remove any glare from glasses. For clothing, we remove any stains when possible or lint. Plus body shaping or smoothing when requested.

This service is only $15 per image - 
It covers our extra time to edit and enhance the photo. It is reasonably priced because we want you to use this service for all of your favorite photographs! Please know that our Professional Headshots Sessions already include this service.

What is the a difference?
Posted below are before and afters.