- Planning your Wedding Timeline -

One very important factor in planning your Wedding is correctly spacing out your timeline for the day of your Wedding. Especially if there are several locations for the photography, ceremony, and reception. Always include travel time, plus a little wiggle room as it can be difficult and stressful for the Wedding party to stay perfectly on track. Having an extra 5 or 10 minutes throughout can be helpful so large groups can be more organized. 

* Figuring out your exact Timeline isn't needed for booking your photography.
We only want a general timeline so that we can create the right package for your day. The exact details can be submitted a week or two before the Wedding. - I always suggest building your timeline from two most important times of your day. The time of your Ceremony & when Dinner is served. Soley because those times are rarely moved.  

- A General Wedding Timeline -

Bride & Her Bridal Party / Getting Ready / Prep - Time  ( 1 to 2 Hours )
My biggest tip is to try to keep things tidy when getting ready. I know this may sound impossible, especially with a Bridal party. You want clean "areas" for your photos. I always like to do stills of your gown, flowers and accessories besides getting dressed and getting ready. Having a clean space to work with will make prettier photographs. Time needed for your getting ready will depend if I am going to multiple locations. Photographing your full hair and make-up appointment isn't necessary, we can capture the finishing touches. Typically a Bridal party prep is a minimum of 1 hour for photographs. Some take to getting ready at a Hotel or a family home. We can goto the salon, home, hotel, whatever works best for you.

Groom & His Groomsmen / Getting Ready  ( 30 Minutes to 1 Hour )
Let's face it, guys take less time dolling up! If you have any gifts or notes for each other, or anything that need documenting please let your photographer know! A Second photographer can capture the Groom getting ready at another location if needed while the main photographer is with the Bride. If getting ready at the same location then one photographer can photograph both sides.

Travel Time? ( 15 to 30 minutes )
Don't forget the time it will take to gather your Wedding Party and to move everyone from location to location. 

Couple's First Look / Park Setting ( 30 Minutes to 1.5 Hours )
Seeing each other for the first time, wanting to capture each other's reaction on your Wedding day. This special moment is taken once you are dressed and usually before the ceremony. Although some couples do their "first look" after the ceremony due to timeline. Either way, you share the moment of just the two of you in photographs. My tip...If approaching from two different areas during the first look, always have two people coordinate the Wedding couple...so that their first look is just that! A perfect job for the Best Man and the Maid of Honor.

Travel Time? ( 15 to 30 minutes )
Is your First Look and the Ceremony close to each other? Will the Photographer ride with you? We can travel in your limo or party bus so no moment is missed. 

Getting to the Church on time... The Ceremony! ( 45 Minutes to 2 Hours )
Are you having a small wedding or a big Church ceremony with a Mass? The time of your ceremony will be discussed with the person who will be marrying you. Also factor in time for your guests to be seated, a start time for the ceremony, and things that will occur during your ceremony, such as; songs, speeches, vows, and or a prayer. Will you have a candle lighting? A sand presentation? Or something unique during the religious ceremony? 

Family Formals / After Ceremony Photographs ( 30 Minutes to 45 mins )
Depending where you are having your service held. Churches and chapels give you only a certain amount of use time. Tell family in advance that you want to take Formals immediately after the ceremony and to not leave until dismissed. Tell them that family will be photographed first and then the wedding party. Depending on amount of people, more time might be needed for formals.

Travel Time? ( 15 to 30 minutes )
Is your Ceremony Location and Reception Venue close to each other? Will your Wedding party need a mini break?

Bridal Party Photos / After Ceremony Park Setting ( 1 to 1.5 Hours )
Each Party side will be photographed separate with the Wedding couple and all together. As a photographer I will review what you are looking to have done. I am there to capture what you envision for your photography. Please discuss any locations, poses you might of seen or special requests that you would like created for your Bridal party.

Cocktail & Appetizer Hour / Time for your Guests while you are taking photographs ( 1 to 1.5 Hours )
A second photographer can capture your guests visiting and also the reception's venue stills immediately after the ceremony. These are the little details that you have created to make your Wedding personal to you. Floral arrangements, cake, table settings, venue lighting, decor, the building, etc all will be photographed while there are no guests present. 

Reception / Your Entrance / Cutting Cake / First Dance / Dinner & More  ( 2.5 - 5 Hours )
Working with your D.J will help assist your reception's timeline. Schedule for when dinner is to be served with the venue. Time your your main entrance. Usually cake cutting is immediately after your entrance as most cakes are presented and staged on the dance floor. Then speeches, Dinner, Couple's First Dance, Father dance, Mother dance, etc. Your D.J will also figure time of songs wanted.

Night Portraits ( 30 to 45 Minutes )
Catching a sunset can make for more fantastic photographs. Discuss and take advantage of nightime photography. Please review what might be wanted.

Couples Wedding Exit ( 15 to 30 Minutes )
Sparklers can be used as a neat walking out exit. Throwing Rose petals, blowing bubbles, so many other options to include for great photos. Please know that the photographer does not bring these things or additional props. These are only suggestions. The Wedding couple is responsible for all items to be used in their photography.


Now...The Best Advise I can give you when Planning!

It is your Wedding so make it exactly how you & yours envision. It is extremely difficult to please everyone, therefore focus on what you personally want. Finally, don't forget to relax and enjoy your day! It's once in a lifetime so don't forget to enjoy it. 

Use my Photo Checklist so no shot is missed! - Click this Link!