What to wear? 

My answer will always be dress to impress, but always be yourself. 
If your personality has a more edgy alternative look, then embrace that style. Dress up in the nicest things or what makes you feel good about yourself image. I break down what to wear in my tips.

The Tips ....

1. Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past.

You don't have to dress as twins to coordinate. Instead, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in a "color scheme". Such as mom wears a yellow dress, the daughters have yellow bows. Start off with colors that coordinate well and that appeal to you. What you like is key.

2. Limit patterns.
Wearing bold patterns may distract from the final image. Therefore lets put the focus where it should be, on you! Less is more.

3. Unless your a newborn - just say no to character shirts.
Its okay to wear "message" shirts in newborn photography. Big brother, little brother type shirts, its cute. But try to avoid it in family photos if a more elegant appearance is desired. Things can be adorable in certain situations. If your a musician, and a Detroit Rock City Tee is your thing, then by all means wear it.

4. Accessories, accessories, accessories!
Not only does it add to your outfit but they can make fun props too. This includes props of all types to help tell your story or to say a message. Plus traditional accessories such as; ties, bows, scarves, hats, jewelry, fancy shoes, etc. Whatever gives you the spark your seeking, make it personal, and be yourself.


5. Be classic, make your image last a lifetime.
These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing classic clothes while keeping your style you will help give your images a timeless feel. The holidays can throw people into wild looks. Santa hats and ugly sweaters are fun but use them for a few shots not an entire session. 

6. Consider your background.
Keep the location in mind. Will you be indoors or out? Add your favorite spot in the shot. Show what you love in your photographs. Where you like to be, do and see. Select outfits with a color palette that complements. Don't compete or clash with your surroundings. If you need location suggestions, I have plenty for all styles and looks.

  • Use the season to help select color schemes. 
  • Lay out everyone's outfit together while planning. This will give you a good idea about how the items will look next to one another. 
  • Select outfits that will make a timeless portrait. Trends pass, your photographs will last forever.
  • Choose practical clothing. Comfort equals smiles.

7. Save the New Hair Style for later!
This is very important. Don't try a new look before your photo session.

  • Guys, get your hair cut a week before your session. Shave or scruff? Plan your look.
  • Gals, get your color and cut done a few days or week prior and a blow out the day of the session.
  • Have your makeup professionally applied. We can schedule an appointment with our hair and make-up stylist friends, I know dozens. 



Earth Tones | Muted Jewel Tones | Rustic | Denim and Tan | Brown and Maroon or Violets | Denim, Yellow, Crimson | Navy, Tan, Cream 

  • Layers, layers, layers! ~ Not only is that fall fashion but wearing layers gives you a quick outfit change.
  • Take advantage of the colorful fall leaves and let them inspire your outfit choices.
  • Accessories - big scarves, stylish boots and blankets to sit on.
  • Plaid shirts are a popular for fall family photos. However dress only a few family members in a pattern.

Neutral Tones | Seasonal Tones | Sparkle with White, Silver or Gold | Crimson and Denim | Red or Green with Black 

  • Embrace the season! Cold weather allows for some great accessories. Try fluffy scarves, stylish hats and thick sweaters or coats!
  • Knits and wool clothing items are very appealing for the season. Same with items that sparkle.
  • Just for fun & an outfit change - wear matching pajamas, or hats, or ugly sweaters. 
  • Use seasonal items to your advantage. Such as an Engagement photoshoot can kiss under the mistile toe.

Bright Tones | Blush or Teal and White | Light Blue, Tan, White | Navy, Yellow, White | Tan and Pastels 

  • Springtime is great for floral patterns and plaid. Don't go too crazy, select statement pieces. A little goes a long way.
  • Cheerful hues will really add to the spring time look.
  • Accessories such as flowers, baskets, blankets are fun to add to a photoshoot. 

Muted Tones | Bright Tropical Tones | Tan and White | Orange and Teal | Light Blue, Tan, White | Denim & Light Tones | Blue, Green, Yellow

  • Embrace light cottons, lace and delicate sheers. Light and airy outfits will keep you cool in the summer.
  • Having a relaxed look is good, but not sloppy. Dressy sandals, dresses, slacks, and pressed shirts is perfect for a summer attire.
  • Add summer props. Let kids play on the beach or playset after the formal pose. That will allow great candid shots of them being themselves.


Lastly, Don't stress. 

  • If your unsure, bring choices. I can quickly tell you what will photograph better, or look best with your location or skin tones. 
  • Prepare for the photoshoot. Have everything ready that you and your family plan to use or wear.
  • Tell me in advance what your plans are, what your looking for in your photographs so I can prepare too. Even bring assistants.
  • Keep it simple. Less can be more. Don't over whelm yourself. ~ I want you to enjoy your moment, have fun and don't forget to smile ;)

~ Those are my tips, hope they help! ~Cher Charest.